In an impressive show of support, the Board of Trustees at Shaw University has extended the contract of President Paulette Dillard by 5 years! Learn why Shaw considers Dillard to be such an asset to the university in the release from Shaw University below.

Source: Belmont University

Today the Shaw University Board of Trustees enthusiastically announces it has extended the contract of President Paulette Dillard for an additional five years. Dr. Dillard was appointed interim president of Shaw University in July 2017 and president in September 2018. In an era of rampant presidential turnover, this contract extension provides continued strength and stability for the university. 

President Dillard has successfully led the university for the past four years and her leadership rose to the challenges presented by the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19. She has remained focused on student health and academic success. During the challenging times, she also diligently ensured the university received federal emergency funding to assist students with their varied needs, along with creating financial stability for the university. In 2020 she launched the university’s Center for Racial and Social Justice, a national center to further the development of a more just and equitable society. With notable partnerships with Apple, Google, and Red Hat, President Dillard has led Shaw University to become the preeminent hub for students desiring a pathway into high-paying tech jobs and a place for every student to have access to opportunities that create the career of their dreams. 

“President Dillard’s successful leadership has helped Shaw University remain stable during COVID-19,” stated Dr. Bell, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “I believe that working together works. President Dillard, together with the Board of Trustees, has positioned the university for unparalleled success as they lead the university into its 2025 Strategic Plan.” 

“I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for demonstrating their continued support of my leadership,” stated Dr. Paulette Dillard. “My focus will remain on bolstering student success and leading the academy’s stellar faculty and staff along with engaging our distinguished alumni.” 

For over 155 years, Shaw University has faithfully lived out the mission of transforming its diverse community of learners into global leaders. And with the strong commitment of support from the Board of Trustees, President Dillard will lead Shaw University into the boldest time of expansive growth and boundless opportunity of the university’s history.