This country’s history of social progress would be nothing if not for social justice advocates. The people who rally around and fight for those who need the support, and organize so that the impact spreads far and wide. Social workers are some of the most impactful vessels for community change, and programs like the Master of Social Work at Howard University provide the strong foundation they need for work in the field.

The online Master of Social Work (MSW) from the Howard University School of Social Work may be perfect for you if you’re looking for professional practice directly in clinical and macro environments.  You’ll be able to attend live online classes and complete coursework through a centralized platform at your own pace. With research, practice, and advocacy, you can reform systems of injustice and strengthen your community like a true Bison!

There are two ways to complete the 60-credit Traditional MSW program. Part time students can work their way through the program in 36 months. Or, in an option that will become available in September 2022, full time students can complete the program in a few as 20 months. Because fieldwork is integral to social work, the MSW program will also incorporate a required 1,000 hours (52 weeks) at an approved placement site somewhere in your community! If you don’t know where, don’t stress, because a  one-on-one placement specialist will help you secure your fieldwork placement.

Because Howard social workers are all unique in how they desire to change the world, this MSW program is offering two concentration options. The best way to choose is to conceptualize whether you prefer to solve problems on a micro or macro level:

Direct Practice 

With direct practice, students will be working directly with clients at the family and group level. The required courses will focus on intervention strategies, assessment planning, and psychopathology.

Community, Administration and Policy Practice

With the Community, Administration and Policy Practice concentration, you’ll learn how to advocate for communities on a larger scale. The required courses will be directed towards community organizing, human resource administration and social policy analysis. 

Leverage Howard’s irreplaceable history of producing leaders, and begin your own journey by applying! The early priority deadline is September 20th, while the priority deadline is October 18th. The absolute final deadline falls on November 17th. Learn more about the online MSW program offered by Howard University’s School of Social Work by clicking here.