HBCU Bands Explored In New Docuseries on The CW

Credit: Lee Morgan/The CW — (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The magic of HBCU bands will soon soon be on display in the comfort of your home thanks to a new docuseries. March follows Prairie View A&M University‘s famous band, the Marching Storm. Beginning today, viewers will have the opportunity to see exactly what it takes to put together the shows you have come to know and love.

Beginning Monday January 24, tune into the new docuseries March and experience an integral part of HBCU culture. Created by Stage 13, the docuseries opens views up to just how the busy members of the Marching Storm are amid the demands of classes, practices and performances.  If you know about HBCU bands, then you know it takes a big team and a whole lot of coordination to put these iconic shows together. Luckily, across eight episodes, you’ll get to know many of the 300 members of the PVAMU band.

If you aren’t familiar with Prairie View A&M University, just know its band isn’t the only thing this Texas HBCU does in a big way. PVAMU boasts notable alumni like entertainers Loni Love, Mr. T.,  Marcel Spears, and Kirko Bangz. Even activist Sandra Bland was a graduate of the university. PVAMU stands tall with successful academic programs that have allowed it to become such a top-ranked HBCU. It’s well known for its STEM programs such as engineering, nursing, and psychology, for example. In fact, PVAMU was the very first state-funded HBCU in the state of Texas, and students guard the school’s legacy with their success. 

Credit: Lee Morgan/The CW — (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Marching Storm members in particular can tell you how much grit it takes to make it on campus. They must have high GPAs to keep their spot on one of the top bands in the country. In addition to the pressure of academics and performing, everything is taking place during a pandemic. During the docuseries, expect to watch difficult conversations further complicated by COVID-19, such as  long-distance relationships, maintaining relationships with bandmates, and finding success in social spaces such as clubs on campus. No matter what, the March Storm’s musicians, dancers, drum majors and even flag team, must all do their part.

Learn more about the fast-paced band life of The Marching Storm when March airs on The CW beginning today January 24th at 8pm ET and PT. Then, catch the series on Sundays starting February 27th at 9pm ET and PT.