In May 2021, I was scrolling through Twitter. I noticed a picture of a gentleman of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. floating around on Twitter and across social media. He was not wearing the appropriate uniform during his graduation photo. 

The young black adult male boldly wore high heels and a women’s suit at the event. Almost instantly, I felt a certain kind of way. And thus, I believe that my opinion would be, hopefully, something of value to the matter. 

I’m gay. Though I’m an Iota recognized by my fraternity as a notable member in the Media and Entertainment field, I respectfully dislike this guy’s thought process, along with his actions. I read many of the comments and watched Funky Dineva’s (an Alpha) commentary on the already noted incident. 

A Divine Nine fraternity member wearing heels while wearing a stash and sole with Alpha Phi Alpha on it? Sad! “Any time you join a job, whether it’s Starbucks, whether it’s Macy’s, whether it’s Pepsi-Cola or any organization, even your church,” said Funky Dineva in a YouTube video, “there is a uniform.” 

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“And sir, you are not dressed in the appropriate uniform.” 

I agree with Funky Dineva; there is a time and a place. 

The young man knew what he was doing when he decided to join his fraternity, just like the Alpha knew when he chose to wear high heels and a women’s suit during his graduation photo. 

While wearing a sash and sole with his Divine Nine fraternity’s symbol, he posed as the camera went “flick, flick, flick,” ensuring that the young black adult male would seal his faith in the history books with a blood oath. 

This particular icident makes me question whether there’s any integrity left in Black Greek Lettered Organizations, in part because they are those who historically have uplifted while they climb. 

At the same time, and partly because Black Greeks have become t-shirt wearers today, it’s getting unfortunate. We all can do better and be better. 

Although this young man may be out and proud regarding his same-sex attraction, there is no excuse to make a mockery of his fraternity and their historical legacy.