Savannah State University is kicking off a new certificate program with an unlikely partner! Get the full story from Destiny Wiggins at Fox 28 below.

Savannah State University students meet Speedy Artis, Harlem Globetrotters guard. (Credit: Destiny Wiggins/WTGS)

Savannah State University has partnered with an American exhibition basketball team to give students real-world experience on what it takes to build a career in the live entertainment industry. 

“We know Savannah is the hostess city and we have events all the time. With our students, a lot of them are from the region, from the area, we like them to stay here in Savannah. We like to keep our people that we grow here, to stay here. So, understanding one of the major industry’s in this town, which is events, conferences, so on, for them to get an understanding of it a detailed program that that will give them the knowledge, the professional development, to go and get the jobs out in the city and also in the region,” said Christopher Torrance, Savannah State University Assistant Professor of Management. 

SSU’S new live events certificate program will create opportunities for students to learn about merchandising operations, tour management, licensing requirements and all things to play a role in putting together live entertainment. School officials say students have already shown interest in the program. 

Plus, students also got to meet Harlem Globetrotters guard, Speedy Artis.

“What’s unique about our program is, it’s being associated with a world-famous organization like the Harlem Globetrotters, which I don’t believe anyone else has. Along with it, our students are extremely excited. They are very interested in event management, sport management, a lot of our athletes are very excited about it. So, I think this is going to provide a very unique niche for our university and our programs here at Savannah State University,” said Torrance.

The program is being launched under the university’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The certificate will offer non-credit, developmental course modules for registered participants of the CIE. 

Registration for the class will open in April. 

The program will begin its pilot program in Fall 2022.