QuikLiq Is Redefining Safe And Convenient Drinking In Miami

Miami is a destination for plenty of parties and plenty of fun. But when those parties and fun include alcohol, things can get messy, or even dangerous. Thinking ahead, two fraternity brothers hailing from Clark Atlanta University came up with a solution. Rather than risk driving drunk or even getting stuck in heavy traffic, it’s now possible for people in south Florida to get their alcohol delivered.

By creating QuikLiq, Navarr Grevious and Mikáel Pyles are saving people in the Miami community time, money, and potentially dangerous situations. As a tech-forward digital marketplace, the company is the very first  first black-owned alcohol delivery company in the world.  “With our partnerships, we allow liquor stores to sell their inventory on our platform and deliver customers’ orders within 45 minutes or less,” said Grevious. “Our late-night delivery to 3 am has genuinely separated us from our competitors.” In fact, QuikLiq is actually the only alcohol delivery company in Miami open until 3 am.

Mikáel Pyles, Provided Photo

Ironically, the frat brothers came up with the idea for QuikLiq separately. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, seeing that they did almost everything together in college. They crossed together into the Gamma Kappa chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. in 2008. The following semester, they became President and Vice President of the chapter, and even added on work with Toastmaster’s International. “After our success working together in college, the thought of starting a business together outside of college was pretty much a no-brainer,” they said. “We both wanted to create something that would bring generational wealth to us and our families.”

With their determination, QuikLiq has quickly become a booming business. Customers can order convenient deliveries to the greater Miami area, which includes zip codes spanning North Beach and South Beach. Whatever they want is available at reasonable prices. QuikLiq is stocked with tequila, vodka, cognac, gin, champagne, wine, beer, and more. They even got mixers covered with juices and sodas. 

A stand-out aspect of QuikLiq is the brand’s forward thinking. If you head to the QuikLiq website, you’ll discover that if you don’t know how to make a good drink, they’ve got you covered!  With Quikie Recipes, learn how to make refreshing cocktails like Spiked Pink Lemonade, a Spicy Margarita, Awesome Apple Sangria, the Negroni, and the OG Old Fashioned.

Navarr Grevious, Provided Photo

To keep up with technology, QuikLiq can be easily accessed as an app on the App Store and Google Play.  “My proudest moment as a company is QuikLiq becoming a fully automated app that operates throughout the Southeast region and growing nationwide,” said Navarr Grevious. “We have been creating and working on our App since 2018. It’s been a long time coming, so to be at this point is truly a blessing.” During the official QuikLiq launch party held in South Beach earlier this year, people finally were able to see the hard work when the app was announced to supporters. “Being on the stage with our entire executive team and announcing our app to the world, I felt like I was in a movie,” said Pyles. “Most of the time when people see a successful business, they only see the finished product. They don’t see the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating that product. For us, creating this App took years of hard work and many ups and downs. So to finally be able to announce it and deliver it to the public, is a moment I will never forget.

As with many businesses, QuikLiq wasn’t always a successful endeavor. “We created QuikLiq as a bootstrapped, self-funded business with no help from outside funding or loans,” said Pyles. That route resulted in limited funding, resources and staff, but they were onto something. “Whenever you are creating something from scratch without a blueprint, there is always going to be a learning curve and unforeseen struggles.” Once things finally started looking up, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. “We had to react quickly to the ramifications of the pandemic and adjust our business model accordingly. While many startups went out of business due to the pandemic, we adjusted and thrived—bringing in more revenue than we had prior. And, on the financial side, we started pitching to investors last year, and have successfully raised over $200K in funding. So, although our road to success has definitely not been smooth, we continue to believe in ourselves, and like we learned at our alma mater, we always find a way or make one!”

Follow QuikLiq’s success on Instagram, and order through the online apps or website in the Miami area today.