Today Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. debuted a special double cover of its Ivy Leaf magazine, and four iconic faces are on the front! To order to celebrate sorority’s 2022 “Boule” national conference in Orlando, the digital double cover features honorary members Yolanda Adams, Ruth E. Carter, Suzanne de Passe, and Lynn Whitfield all wearing green. Their story is aptly named “Alpha Kappa Alpha ICONS Film Music & Television: The Honorary Members Edition. 

Each honoree has, in her own way, embodied the work and contributions that align with the sorority’s standards of achievement and service. As honorary members, they behold the sorority’s highest honor. In the statement released today, the sorority connected their AKA honors to the accolades they have won throughout their careers. “The Academy Award (also known as The Oscar), the Grammy Award and the Emmy Award are the highest honors awarded in film, music and television.”

AKA is celebrating how the four honorees’ accomplishments help achieve one of five national program targets. In an effort to expose students to visual and performing arts, Target 4 is “The Arts!” The sorority has worked to showcase artistic talent such as entertainers, writers, and others. Particular attention has been paid to celebrate the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement. The other four targets focus on HBCUs, women’s healthcare and wellness, financial literacy, and an increased global impact. In addition to fulfilling the fourth target, it’s important to note that Ruth E. Carter is an alumna of Hampton University, indirectly also supporting Target 1 “HBCU for Life: A Call to Action.”

Learn more about the honorees featured in the Alpha Kappa Alpha ICONS Film, Music & Television: The Honorary Members Edition covers below: 

Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams / Grammy Award Winner for

Mountain High…Valley Low, The Experience, Be Blessed, Victory

Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter / Academy Award Winner & Emmy Award Nominee for

Black Panther, Malcolm X, Amistad &  Roots

Producer and Writer Suzanne de Passe / Emmy Award Winner & Oscar Nominee for

Motown Returns to the Apollo, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever & Lady Sings The Blues

Actress Lynn Whitfield / Emmy Award Winner for

The Josephine Baker Story