Cheyney University of Pennsylvania may have an influx of new talent come in thanks to new women’s basketball head coach Alishia Mosley. Learn more in the story by Mike Jensen at The Philadelphia Inquirer below.

Mosley was formerly an assistant basketball coach at Lincoln University. (Photo Credit: Alishia Mosley/Twitter)

Alishia Mosley, the new women’s basketball coach at Cheyney University, knew the job would take some heavy lifting, getting the program up and running after a hiatus since before the pandemic.

“The heavy lifting has started,” Mosley said over the phone Tuesday morning.

She has a gym, new basketballs, new uniforms, so she’s ready to go, moving over from Lincoln University, where Mosley had been on both the women’s and men’s basketball staffs in recent seasons. Just one little detail. How many players are there right now on her Cheyney roster?

“Zero,” Mosley said. “Building from scratch, that’s my motto. Fresh ingredients, and I’ve got to go out and handpick every ingredient. I can’t just go to the grocery store.”

She’s making phone calls, visiting gyms, doing all the things you’d expect. She also took to Twitter. At 6:25 p.m. on Sunday, Mosley tweeted, “Dear Student athletes, I’ve just started as the new head coach of the women’s basketball team at Cheyney University, and I’m seeking players in the Philadelphia region! #building from scratch.”,

The hits kept coming.

“Don’t forget the girls from Delaware … 2 sisters, great kids … skilled handles and shooters. A 16-and-under class of 2023, come check her out.” … “I know you said players in the Philly region but if you have time check out the ladies at Louisville Central High School” … Two transfers at a showcase in Atlanta … A guard from Montgomery County Community College … A 6-3 juco forward available … “How’s your coaching staff looking?” … A direct plea from a player: “I’m still looking for a home.”

This went on and on and on.

“I’ve probably gotten probably 50 inboxes,” Mosley said, referring to direct messages on Twitter. “It’s just a lot of people need an opportunity.”

Has she noticed some legit talent?

“Yes,” Mosley said, emphatically. “I have run across some good people, some good talent.”

It’s not all a fit, of course. Recruiting doesn’t work that way.

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“Sometimes people get ahead of themselves, and I love it,” Mosley said. “I’m looking for people who can come into Cheyney University right now.”

Meaning: Show up for the fall semester.

“To apply to Cheyney is free,” Mosley said. “There’s no reason you can’t go to and apply to the university. It’s free.”

That’s what she’s telling anyone who contacts her.

“Once I know they apply to the school, then OK, they’re serious,” Mosley said.

She mentioned the Philly region in her tweet, Mosley said, because the school straddling the Delaware and Chester County borders has scholarships available for local students. Even if they’re not quite right for her team, there could be a place for them at school.

Cheyney, which has struggled to keep its doors open in recent years, is still Division II but is no longer is in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, with only men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball on the current sports roster. Mosley said athletic director Tammy Bagby, the school’s former women’s basketball coach, has everything in place for her, with a pretty full 2022-23 schedule, helped by Cheyney men’s coach Terrell Stokes, who worked with his opponents to add women’s games as well. Mosley said she just needs to add some December games.

“If anyone wants to play, they can reach out,” Mosley said.

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She has all the evidence she needs: If you suggest that people reach out, they will reach out.

“Yesterday, I had a young guy reach out,” Cheyney’s new women’s coach said. “I’m like, what is this guy doing? He said, ‘Coach, I just need some workouts.'”

Sure, she’s got all the time in the world, trying to build her roster from scratch.

“You know what I did?” Mosley said. “I sent him some workouts.”