Morehouse Man Dr. Dominique Merriweather has become the youngest principal in the Atlanta Public Schools System and the first African-American leader at Sutton Middle School.

According to Fox 5 News, Merriweather graduated from Morehouse College in 2014 and originally wanted to be a corporate attorney but changed his mind after he began reading to and mentoring inner city students a few years ago.

“One day, I went to go read to elementary school kids in the Atlanta University Center area and I fell in love with the students,” said Merriweather.

Nine years ago Dr. Merriweather began his career as a special education teacher. Today he has risen through the ranks to become the youngest principal in the entire district at 30 years old.

‘When you put your head in it, and never stop learning, and always are open to feedback and being better, the opportunities are there”

Dr. Dominique Merriweather

Merriweather is principal to 1,500-plus students at Sutton Middle School. Two of these students had nothing but nice things to say about their new principal.

“He’s really nice and fair and if we have a problem, he helps us to improve that,” eighth-grader Avery Wicker told Fox 5 News.

“He is a really nice guy, always there for you,” said eighth-grader RJ Scott.

Dr. Merriweather says age is just a number.

“Age does not equate to ability or capacity. If you are driven and open to learning and if you truly want to be the best at what you are doing, it can happen.”

Although Dr. Merriweather is unsure if being a superintendent is in his future, he said he will continue to put his best foot forward and be the best principal for now.