Selma University has been awarded two grants to preserve a 101-year-old building on campus.

According to Alabama News Network, Selma University has been awarded over half a million dollars in grant money from The National Park Service and Alabama Commission on Higher Education to make renovations to the historic building Dinkins Memorial Hall.

Dinkins Hall is home to the university’s administrative offices, over a dozen classrooms, and a 400-seat auditorium. Along with the general renovation of the whole building, it’s set to get a new roof and upgrades to its heating, cooling, and electrical systems.

“The university received a total of $600,000 dollars to make renovations to our main administrative and classroom building here at Selma University,” said President Dr. Stanford Angion.

Angion stresses the importance of the building, “Dinkins Hall was a building that was designed by an African-American architect. And it was erected by African-Americans. And so, it has a lot of history in it, and we want to do all we can to preserve it.”

“In addition to just bringing life to the campus, it brings life to the community, because of the rich history that this building holds,” Angion said.