Former University of Florida (UF) quarterback recruit Marcus Stokes, who lost his Gators scholarship after rapping the n-word on video, says he has received a new scholarship offer from the historically Black college or university Albany State University.

On Tuesday, Stokes revealed that the HBCU sent the offer his way this week, just over two months after his name was covered in controversy.

UF revoked its offer in November after Stokes posted a video of him rapping the n-word on his social media page.

He apologized for it afterward, calling it “hurtful and offensive to many people.” However, the university stood firm in its decision.

Stokes has seemingly come back from this defeat, having received an offer from Albany State University.

He tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he’s “blessed” to have received an offer from the HBCU. The Rams are an NCAA DII program.

Considering the reason why his scholarship was revoked from UF, the news of Stokes receiving an offer from an HBCU has been met with backlash and confusion on social media.

One user wrote, “i’ll argue with anybody about Albany State but allowing that white boy to come to a place made for us by us is absolutely insane. I need somebody to tell me it ain’t true,”

Another user brought up that the scholarship could have gone to someone more deserving. “Albany State…. Why would y’all waste a scholarship like that? Have mercy,” they said.

Albany State has not yet commented on making Marcus Stokes an offer.