Bowie State University is adding new degrees to offer students new opportunities for advanced STEM Education.

The university is adding new master’s programs in the Department of Natural Sciences and the Department of Technology and Security to meet the rising demand for proficient workers in STEM fields.

The new programs are Applied Biotechnology & Molecular Biology (ABMB), which launches in fall 2023, and Internet of Things & Internet Technologies (IoT&IT), an online degree program, which went live this spring. The new programs increase the number of master’s programs offered by Bowie State to 24.

According to the university, “The ABMB master’s program is designed to prepare students for Ph.D. programs in all major biosciences disciplines or research jobs in the biopharmaceutical industry. The program will cover multiple scientific disciplines including advanced biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, biomechanics, plant and animal biotechnology. Students will be trained in recent advances in the field and on technical aspects through lab work.”

The Iot&IT master’s program focuses on technology and concepts related to devices that send and receive information via the internet. The program will teach students how to build and develop hardware and software, as well as implement solutions to security issues associated with IoT&ITdevices.

Both current and prospective students can apply to the master’s programs, which are intended to position students to address future needs in the country’s workforce.