Two new research centers are coming to Morgan State University thanks to $6.8 million in state funding.

The university’s Center for Research and Education in Microelectronics and the National Center for the Elimination of Educational Disparities (NCEED) will receive $3.1 million and $3.7 million respectively in annual state appropriations, beginning July 1.  Both centers will employ up to 25 new faculty members.

The centers will use its funding to support education and research centered on the design and fabrication of microchips, as well as address challenges facing public school education. It will also focus on training and workforce development in semiconductor manufacturing to prepare students to become the future of the industry.

The center will augment its equipment base with a new state-of-the-art “clean room” and tools designed to assist with research initiatives that focus on designing manufacturing packaging, and testing semiconductors.

With the addition of the two new buildings, Morgan State will have nine state-funded research centers.

According to The Daily Record, “to attract potential students, the University will expand outreach to local community colleges and continuing education students offering workforce development opportunities to learn hands-on experience that will allow them to enter the semiconductor industry.”