Grammy-award-winning singer,  Fantasia Barrino announced that she is officially enrolled as a student at Central State University.

She is returning to school to study business and cites her family as the inspiration.

“I’m a businesswoman now and I desire to continue to sharpen my sword and better my craft,” Fantasia said. “I want to break generational curses. When it comes to my family, my girls, my children, I want to show them that no matter what she’s been through, you can always get back and go after it again, and that’s what I am doing.”

Fantasia is mom to son Dallas Xavier, 11, and daughter Zion Quari, 19, and recently welcomed her youngest daughter Keziah in May 2021 with her husband Kendall Taylor.

The American Idol alum received her GED in 2010 after dropping out of high school as a teenager. She is now hoping to serve as an inspiration to others and show that is never too late to achieve your goals.

“I want to be the example, I want to use my platform, my social media, to show people — men, women, Black, white, young, old — that if you have a dream, it doesn’t have to have a timeline. It doesn’t have to look a certain way and, in fact, looks better when it has a bunch of bruises and scars because that means you fought for it.”

–  Fantasia on returning to school.

In an Instagram post, The honorary Sigma Gamma Rho member thanked her Sorors for connecting her with the staff at Central State and even teased a homecoming appearance in October.

“My grandmother used to tell me anything worth having is worth fighting for and I want other people to see that if you just stay in the ring, you’ll get to where you’re going,” Fantasia remarked about her decision to return to school.