On Saturday, Fisk University opened the doors to the new Roland G. Parrish Center for Career Planning and Development, the first new building to be added to the campus in half a century.

The new building was funded and named after Roland G. Parrish, a Dallas, TX philanthropist and businessman who donated a historic $3 million, one of the largest gifts in the university’s history.

“Fisk is a winning team. To me, it’s the same positive vibe you get from an athletic team being successful. Here we have a mix of an educational institution and business-savvy individuals who’ve come together to create a win-win situation for the university,” Parrish said. 

The Roland Parrish Career Planning and Development Center

Nashville Mayor John Cooper described the building as a “launch pad” at the unveiling ceremony. 

The 10,605 square feet, two-story building aims to provide HBCU students with better career opportunities, as well as the proper guidance, resources, and skills that are essential to entering the job market.

According to Fisk Interim President Frank Sims, the new career center is the first of many additions coming to campus.

Sims revealed that the university is currently working on a new 300-bed dormitory, slated to open in 2025, as well as a new science building and container dorms which are opening in June. 

“We’re really pleased about this because this is exactly what our students deserve and everything we do here we do it thinking about what’s best for our students,” said Sims. “I invite all of you to come back to Fisk University in three to five years and I think you’re gonna be even more amazed than you are today at the things we’re doing to revitalize this campus.”