On Wednesday, College Board announced their revised framework for the AP African American Studies course set to launch in 2024. The course was updated amid intense public controversy in February 2023, when the course was initially announced.

The testing company received widespread backlash for engaging with conservatives, like Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding criticism of the course. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked the course in Florida earlier this year, citing the course “pushing a political agenda.”

“In the state of Florida, our education standards not only don’t prevent, but they require teaching Black history, all the important things. We want education and not indoctrination.”

In response, College Board extended an invitation to experienced AP professionals and subject-matter experts to revisit the course.

“This course is a vibrant introduction to a dynamic field that offers a broader perspective. It invites students to develop analytical skills while examining African Americans’ wide-ranging experiences, contributions, and creativity, and the impact of the broader African diaspora on the world we live in,” said Dr. Brandi Waters, Senior Director for College Board AP Studies Program.

According to a 2022 report from The Pew Research Center, nearly nine-in-ten African Americans say they’re “less likely to be informed about Black history” from school or college. Many Black Americans cite “family and friends” as their primary source of knowledge.

This notable reality speaks to the growing concern of how well informed America in general should be regarding Black history.

The revamped course framework will represent more than 3 years of diligent development by nearly 300 African American scholars, teachers, and experts in the Advanced Placement program.

The revisions to the course framework will expand to include discourse on topics such as:

  • Tulsa Race Massacre
  • Housing discriminatory practices
  • Feminism and Intersectionality
  • African American impact on film, culture, and sports

The AP course will be available to all schools in the U.S. starting next year in 2024.

To learn more on the course framework, please visit The College Board Newsroom.