The community of Jefferson City, MO is calling for the immediate termination of Lincoln University President, Dr. John Moseley in the wake of Dr. Bonnie Bailey’s untimely passing.

Dr. Antoinette “Bonnie” Candia-Bailey sadly passed away this week on January 8th. Family sources have officially confirmed Dr. Bailey died by suicide due to distress from “bullying and severe mistreatment” in her role as VP of Student Affairs at Lincoln University Missouri.

Also, in a statement provided by the Lincoln University National Alumni Association, President Sherman Bonds addressed to LU Board of Curators, President Victor Pasley the “repeated calls and emails expressing dire concern for the health of the university.”

“…I find myself standing in the state of hopelessness,” President Bonds stated. “Therefore, my appeal to you and the Board of Curators is to find a resolution that restores the consciousness of peace and healing. As President of the Lincoln University (National) Alumni Association, I have become compelled to demand a change in the Office of Presidency of the University effective immediately.”

Lincoln University officially released a statement three days after Dr. Bailey’s passing. In a Facebook post, the university writes: “The Lincoln University community is mourning the loss of beloved alum and leader Dr. Antoinette “Bonnie” Candia-Bailey. Dr. Bailey passed away earlier this week. She was a gifted colleague and always a passionate advocate for Lincoln University, HBCUs and other causes in which she believed.”

Dr. John B. Moseley has served as Lincoln University‘s 21st president since January 2022. Before then, Dr. Moseley served as the Head Basketball Coach for LU before joining leadership as the Director of Athletics in 2015.

Sources state that Dr. Bailey was left “unsupported, disregarded, and abused after countless attempts to speak out on the bullying and harassment she experienced in her role from President Moseley.” Dr. Bailey also reportedly discussed in a letter before her passing, the “stigmatized bullying she faced from the President and other leadership officials,” after disclosing her mental illness to the university.

Sources tell us that administration failed Dr. Bailey in her “cries for help” and should “no longer be allowed to lead Lincoln University.”

The Jefferson community is now rallying for accountability, utilizing the hashtag, #FireMoseley to help raise awareness and shed light on the beloved VP alumni’s tragic passing.

We continue to keep Dr. Bailey’s family, friends, and Jefferson community in our thoughts and prayers during this time.


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