HBCU Buzz Show


Housed in Studio 202 in Washington DC, The HBCU Buzz Show is like no other college based radio program! We are providing unique, creative, and informative content that is relevant to the HBCU student, alumni and community. The HBCU Buzz show has been created around the news, politics, financial assistance, sports, entertainment and fashion that surround the HBCU college experience.  We entertain our listeners by discussing topics that “mainstream media” won’t, while empowering students and providing them with information to promote a well-balanced life. As alumni of HBCU’s ourselves, the HBCU team has a pride and drive like no other! Our show has featured many HBCU dignitaries since our inception including University Presidents, professional athletes, and well known business partners.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple: To educate, empower, and promote college education, specifically HBCU education.  Want to partner with us? We would love to hear from you.

Tuesday 6-7pm EST

Our Hosts: 

Diamond Mitchell

Charming but acute, this Morganite is the definition of devil’s advocate. Diamond’s sassy on-air personality engages several stereotypes from the perspective of a woman.

Brittney Quarles 

A proud Howard Alum, Ms. Q is the driving force behind The HBCU Buzz Show. As the Programming Director she is a force both behind the scenes and behind a mic. Informative, fun, and passionate, Brittney brings a youthful wisdom and knowledge to every topic.

Kai Liburd 

Sassy, smart, and sharp Ms. Kai brings a level of edge and crazy swag that only a New Yorker can posses. She may be a recent Howard grad, but she most definitely has the experience to walk the walk and talk the talk. Her specialty: Miss Kai’s Juice

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