Tynisha Townsend, a Norfolk State University nursing student, was shot and killed by a Norfolk police officer last Saturday, ending a violent domestic violence incident against her husband that police say ended with the student’s attempt to injure the police officer.
Police say Townsend, a nursing student at Norfolk State University, refused to obey the officer and get out of the car. The officer reached in the car to try to stop her from leaving, she allegedly bit the officer’s arm, then rolled up the window, trapping the officer’s arm in the window. Investigators say at that point Townsend hit the gas and dragged the officer some 50 feet into a busy six-lane roadway before he grabbed his weapon and shot her. She died at the hospital.

Watch Video —-> http://www.wtkr.com/videobeta/9f01b754-c51b-4d45-b2c0-bf55b3e0c4b1/News/Woman-shot-and-killed-by-Norfolk-police-officer


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