Name: Bernard Hampton Jr -Rah Flair
School: Tennessee State University
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre: Urban/R&B

Artist Bio: Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Rah Flair is a talented rapper, producer and Pro Tools certified audio engineer. Flair's style and music is unique and it represents him 100%. Born Bernard Hampton Jr., Flair has been recording and rapping in local talent shows and open mics since the tender age of 11. Rah Flair developed his style and took it to another level when he left for Tennessee State University in 1998 and was introduced to all different styles of hip hop like crunk, go-go and chopped and screwed. Flair also worked with many different producers and artists from all over country which helped fuse his style into the uniquely crafted sounds you here today. After graduating from TSU in 2003 Flair dove deeper into music by attending the School of Audio Engineering Nashville where he learned to produce, record and mix his own music and worked with musicians from all genres including dance, rock, folk and country. Flair's reputation and music precedes him among his peers.

Rah Flair-DETROIT NIGHTS by bhamptonjr

Rah Flair – BET Hot 16 2011