The endless line finally spilled its way into TheArc theater. The theater was full of enthusiasm and I could feel the anticipation surrounding me.

Model, Big Jess said, “I’m gonna bring it full force thick addition.” The crowd quickly silenced when a voice sanggg “The Star Spangled Banner” in a loud sequin navy blue capri romper.

Utterly patriotic, over a dozen American flag bodysuits ran haphazardly across the stage and into the crowd. The crowd roared as the opening scene of Models Inc Presents: Secret & Rumors: The Rise of an Empire began! Little did we know, it was a show for us but try-outs for new prospective members. The first collection was designed by New Yorker, Daryl Cortez. His collection was Fall and Winter inspired with scarves, scullies, and turtlenecks. He captured us into the season with his usages of burnt shades of orange and brown. The scenes followed with floral geometric patterns, prints and casual classic grey suits that interpreted the 7 deadly sins which overflowed into the next scene with a concoction of sexy and elegance which was perfectly portrayed with a classic dress silhouette with tribal print. As if the show didn’t already kidnapped my attention designer, Dramatic grasp another part of me. His creativity ran rapid as dramatic shoulders, printed body suits, and sequences of elegance graced the stage.

When asked to describe this collection in one word he responds, “futuristic”.

The show proceeds and just when I thought I’d had enough gasping the Model’s Inc. youngsters ripped the runway all the up. The finale included all participating models and prospective models along with Aaron Handy. Impatiently waiting to get their names called, the guys huddled on the right side of the stage as the girls we on the left. Names were being called, anxious faces awaited, and the old members welcomed in the newbies with hugs, cheers and smiles. Awards were selectively given to individual models who took ownership of the stage and the new king and queen took their thrown. The crowd showed so much love clearly ending with a standing ovation. New York stylist/designer Kehinde “Shako Ju” said “I really did enjoy the show, everyone’s style different. Bella from Virginia said” I would say the show was very empowering. It was my first time ever attending a models inc show.

Pictures and Video By District Photography,


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