Top Five HBCU Dj’s 2012

1DJ Chubb E. Swagg (Howard University)

A native of Los Angeles, California , Dj Chubb E. Swagg, born Terrell Williams is a battle/club/mixtape disc jockey currently attending Howard University. Formerly a concert pianist over the past 13 years, Williams retired the piano when he came to Howard for a set of turntables. Leaving audiences in awe at any event and performance, DJ Chubb E. Swagg was now in high demand not only at Howard University but also in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia club scenes. A Howard University Campus Pal and head station DJ at WHBC 830am/Channel 51, Williams is no stranger to on-campus involvement spinning at Howard Homecoming, Bison Ball, Cafe Nights, Freshman Week, Inauguration Galas and much more. No stranger to celebrities, Williams has been called in to D.J. shows for Iyaz, Travis Porter, Pretty Ricky, Fabolous, Big Sean, and many more. With mixtapes reaching over thousands of downloads a piece, Dj Chubb E. Swagg is a staple in the HBCU community and nationwide.

2DJ Treble(Hampton University)

Started dj’ing in 2008 while he was attending Hampton University in Virginia. He has rocked a variety of venues from parties and fashion shows, to school and community service events. HU’s diverse population forced DJ Treble to become engulfed in several different genres of music. As a result he can mix Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Club, Gogo, Dubstep, and Oldschool records. DJ Treble is now back in his home state, Maryland, continuing to perform and showcase his skills. There isn’t a strong enough adjective available that can express his passion for dj’ing. Dj Treble is proficient in using various types of sound equipment, scratching, beat matching, mash-ups, and other DJ skills that enhance a listener’s experience.  Able to skillfully mix Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Club, and Go-Go records.  Adept at determining what the audience wants and tailoring the music to meet their needs.

3DJ Fresh (Kentucky State University)

Hands down the best DJ in Kentucky. A student of Kentucky State University, DJ Fresh became a dj by accident. One day a friend of mines got sick and he couldn’t continue the party, DJ Fresh got on and the crowd reaction said enough. First major event he worked was during Kentucky State University 07 Kappa’s Kode Red. Advice in his own words for upcoming Dj’s: “Everybody going to want the spot you have, so when you get there don’t think you there to stay, the moment you think your spot secure that’s when somebody takes it from you.”

4DJ K Threat -(Morehouse College)

Also known as  Gil Debergh, is arguably the best DJ in Atlanta. Born in 1988, he lives in a small village nearby the Belgian coast. Innitially he was listening to hip-hop, house and dance music, but at age 13 he discovered dnb/jungle music. Two years later, he started collecting vinyl together with DJ Teknic. Later on he met DJ Gonzo & Process & Second Vision and together they formed LOW FREQUENCY. They started to organise partys all over flanders and cause of that he had the chance to play together with some international names such as: DJ Hidden, Limewax, Cooh, Donny, Robyn Chaos, Evol Intent, Ewun, Eye-D, Ladyscraper, Enduser, Capital J, Belladonakillz, , Krumble, AK47, Wisp, Tugie, Trasher, Murderbot, D.I.S., Semiomime, Goth Trad, Candie Hank, Bochum Welt, Atiq, Feldermelder … And nationals: X&Trick, Igneon System, Droon, Greyone, Matar, Dj Mèche, Flameboy, K-os, Antichristus, Skull, Sim on Korfunkle, Ozwald, Spookane, Ndm, Dead Kat, Wasp… Nowadays his sets are a mixture between DnB, Darkstep and Industrial Hardcore. Containing artists such as: The Outside Agency, Current Value, I:gor, Limewax,…

5DJ Weatherman (North Carolina A&T)

Born Roger Weathers in the exhilarating city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The “Weatherman” first knew he wanted to become a DJ when he was in middle school when he first saw a pair of turntables. Instantly, he knew this is what he wanted to do for a long time. His interest deepens as he met a local DJ and started learning more by getting personal advice and reading various DJ magazines to see what else he could learn. Later, he started building a massive collection of music and fell in love with it all. He then enrolled into North Carolina A&T State University where he met even more local dj’s who were more than willing to take him under their wing and mentor him. The “Weatherman” used his extroverted personality and campus connections to land his first couple of gigs and it was history from there. Some Dj’s who influenced the weatherman were both local and national. His favorite DJ is DJ Jazzy Jeff and aspires to duplicate and exceed his achievements. His local influences included DJ Red October, DJ Phalse ID, DJ Ern, and DJ Pyro. Being the 2-time “I Am Music and Media” DJ of the year in 2010 & 2011, The Weatherman Has been invited to do more dj battles and events. His biggest accomplishment to this date was being discovered by SRC/Universal Motown RocNation’s Melanie Fiona. She heard him DJ at an event and decided to take him on the road with her on tour in different cities as her official DJ on her personal tour as well as different stops on the Trey Songz “Say Ahh” tour. He is now moving forward to advance his career and grow as a DJ. The weatherman is currently working local gigs in the southeast and working on mixtapes. He is now looking to branch out even more to test his self and learn because he loves a good challenge.


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