Jeffery Mark, Aaron Coad and Shannon Jean-Louis didn’t wait on their degree to launch their own business. Aussie & Davis specializes in high-end casual/semi-formal unisex accessories, hailing out of Washington, DC. Affordable to every college student, these innovative accessories emphasize color, design and comfort.

When asked how did they get the name Aussie & Davis, Shannon Jean-Louis replied, “It came from God. It’s stands for A Unique Sophisticated Style Influencing Everyone and Dedicated to Advocating Various Individual Standouts.”

The three Howard University students began brainstorming this idea back in 2008 and introduced it to the world in 2010. They originally wanted to start with a t-shirt line but due to budget issues they decided to start Aussie & Davis’s buzz with unisex beaded bracelets. Their ultimate goal is longevity, being the “next big thing in fashion” by expanding their brand to apparel.

The biggest misconception people have about Aussie & Davis is that they’re just a jewelry line, but you can be sure to look out for their apparel line! Aussie & Davis advice given from the trio is “Don’t jump into the water, if you don’t know how to swim. Stay hungry, patient, keep your faith and grind hard.”