Texas Southern University (TSU) students unite to send a well-deserving family on an all-expense paid trip on a Disney cruise.

The University Program Council (UPC) sponsored HOG Week to benefit two autistic children and their parents. HOG simply stands for “hearts of giving.”

Danielle Johnson is the Social Recreation Chair for University Program Council. She brought the avant-garde idea to her fellow UPC members.

“After I presented the idea, everyone was on board,” Johnson said. “Ultimately, TSU cares.”

The main goal of UPC is to provide social as well as spiritual enlightening events on the campus of TSU.

“The cost for the Disney cruise is $500 per person and we agreed to send the two children and their parents,” Johnson said.

Thanks to the efforts of the administration, faculty, staff and students, Trevor Lemons, 10, and Kendall Lemons, 7, will be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Their mother, Ashley Lemons, is a TSU employee.

Now, how did they raise the money?

For the week of February 20, there were 10 events held throughout the campus, and all proceeds went to the Lemons’ family.

Students were able to purchase a $20 package deal which included access to all the events, a fashionable HOG Week wristband, a HOG Week t-shirt and a hog snout with an elastic band for students to wear.

“We had a great turnout,” Johnson said. “The students of TSU showed up and showed out.”

Some of the events included a thought-provoking poetry night, a Hog Fest carnival, a Cinderfella pageant, an entertaining powderpuff football game and “Hump Day.”

Even Houston’s leading R&B/Hip-Hop radio station 97.9 The Box joined in on the action. They came out to support the efforts on “Hump Day.”

Next year, UPC wants to help another family and partner with larger companies.

“We would like to help another family who cannot afford to go on a vacation due to expensive medical bills,” Johnson said.

Ryan White is the Performing Arts Chair. He suggests all HBCU’s become more involved.

“We just hope other HBCU’s follow our lead and continue to give back to their respected community,” White said.

All photos courtesy of Dominique Monday.