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Health Dept suspends cafeteria at Howard University. Health violation for Operating without Hot water for cleaning. Photo: Inside Howard University kitchen suspended for imminent health hazard in research bldg at 1840 7th St NW. Six violations cited including no hot water.

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Updated 9/15

D.C. health inspectors closed a “cafeteria” kitchen at Howard University for health violations and Montgomery County officials suspended a Chinese restaurant in the Leisure World area for a mice infestation.

The suspended Howard University kitchen is just across the street from the Howard-Shaw Metro stop at 1840 7th St. NW. Inspectors declared an imminent health hazard inside the Howard University research building where the kitchen is located.

The District Department of Health cited six violations including no hot running water for cleaning.

Employees at the building say there is no food service at the building.

When our Food Alert crew got off the elevator, it opened right up into the kitchen, but there is no seating or service area.

“It is a kitchen used primarily for ‘to go’ items including baked goods,” said Howard University spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton. “As soon as we became aware of the issue, we worked swiftly to repair and restore hot water to the small satellite kitchen facility.”

According to health department records, inspectors were called to the “school cafeteria” on a complaint.

Hamilton said the kitchen does not serve the hospital and the closure “did not impact our cafeterias or dining facilities.”

The kitchen is operated by a contractor named Sodexo, which didn’t offer comment. Inspectors ordered food detained or destroyed because reports say it was prepared while the kitchen was operating with no hot water for cleaning. In Montgomery County, inspectors closed Spring Garden, 3830 International Drive in Silver Spring near Leisure World Boulevard. When we arrived, the manager said it was all cleaned up and invited us inside to inspect the facility. The inspection report identified mice feces at the food prep area and on utensils. We didn’t see any signs of mice and didn’t identify any violations during our tour. Both kitchens have since passed re-inspections and they’re back in business.



  1. This story is very misleading. The cafeteria where the students have their meals is on the main campus in the Armour J. Blackburn building. The building mentioned above is owned by Howard University and apparently there is a cafeteria inside there.

      • Thank you. We have to be especially mindful of the information we are sharing. If this were the cafeteria at Howard U, which I promise it is not,.as an alumna, I surely would be making noise.

  2. Yes, thank you for the clarification! I am a student here now and was about to be angry because I ate in the cafe 2 days ago. I agree this story is very misleading & I will not be sharing it.

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