At Morgan State University, students gathered at the “Academic Quad” in a call for peace following Wednesday’s violence. “This is more than a campus, this is our home. We sing our alma mater, ‘Fair Morgan.’ This is what we believe in, so we have to all be safe,” said rally organizer, Chinedu Nwokeafor of the student organization, X Assembly.  The campus was shut down Wednesday, after a 19-year-old man was shot inside the university’s student center. Police said the victim and the gunman apparently knew each other, but neither is a student at morgan. In response to the violence, students donned an orange “X” made out of duct-tape. Organizers said the message was simple: “Yesterday it was a local Baltimorean.

Tomorrow it could be one of us.” Those same sentiments were shared earlier today on campus, as students formed a giant prayer circle outside the Murphy Fine Arts Center. “We wanted to let you know that those wereen’t even students that happened who were apart of this incident, and that is what we’re about. We’re committed to bettering ourselves, our school and our community,” said Lance Goodwin of Alpha Nu Omega. Referenced from WBFF