25829067_BG2The president of Paine College has stepped down, the college said.

Effective immediately, Dr. George C. Bradley, is no longer president of Paine College after nearly seven years with the college. Bradley was the 14th president and is a graduate of South Carolina State University.

Bradley’s message to the college:

“I’d like to thank members of the Board of Trustees, the Paine College Community and the Augusta community for the opportunity to serve as the 14th President of Paine College.”

“Tina and I are proud of the students that we have participated in helping lay the foundations for the next generation of servant leaders. I am always mindful that we have to continue to plant trees that we know we will never sit under. I cannot thank enough the many people in the CSRA for their support of Paine College and her students. I will continue to be an advocate for the great work that is taking place at Paine College.

“We know that the College, faculty, staff and students have bright futures that lie ahead. We feel so privileged to have shared in this journey.”