With the new spring semester the weather is looking frightful!

First you have to deal with harsh winters and then a hot spring right before summer break. Sometimes getting dressed in the morning can be hard to task when trying to stay warm or cool and still trying to look good.

Here are 5 fashion tips for Spring 2015:

1. Invest in a good coat

A coat can not only be fashionable but it will keep you warm for the winter in the beginning of the semester. Peacoat’s are always a great choice! They’re stylish yet still professional and classy.

2.Accessories: Useful & Stylish

Accessories can really make or break an outfit. For men a nice watch can make all the difference. Using scarves, gloves and hats will not only add some flare to outfit but it will also keep you warm on those cold walks across campus.

3. Layer, Layer, LAYER!

With unpredictable weather layers are your friend! They keep you warm but are easy to take off when you need to cool down. Thermals are an easy way to keep warm, while sometimes it might come in handy to wear an extra camisole or cardigan just in case you need to shed a layer later on in the afternoon.

4. Less isn’t always more 

When it does warm up later in the spring time that doesn’t necessarily mean its time to get naked. Ladies I know we love our crop tops and high-wasted shorts but we don’t have to wear them immediately at the first sign of sunlight just to go to class.

5. Be Yourself!

No matter what the weather forecast is, or what everybody else has own, find your own style! The best way to sell an outfit is to actually feel good in what you have on.As long as you’re comfortable nothing else matters.