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Five Ways to Survive Your Freshman Year of College

Back-to-school season is officially here, and college freshmen are about to embark on what has long been called the “best four years of your...

Kamron Fields, The Only HBCU Player Chosen In 2021 MLB Draft, Offers Hope

Texas Southern University pitcher Kamron Fields is bringing a different perspective to the MLB after sadly becoming the only athlete hailing from an HBCU....

4 Things To Do At Home – Ideas For Bored HBCU Students And Alums

HBCU family, in these times of quarantine craziness amid the coronavirus outbreak, life stuck in the house with your siblings is like a dog...

Morehouse College Grad: ‘Stop Saying You Come From ‘Nothing’ Because Your Parents Aren’t Rich’

HBCU family, many of us come from broken homes with only a single parent mother to fend for us or a single parent father...

What Advice Would You Give To Yourself Freshman Year Of College?

1. Go to class. This may seem like a no brainer, but it is still important that you go to class every day for obvious...

9 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Business During A Recession

Though an imminent recession for America is not written in stone, there are red flags an economic downturn may come in the near future....

How To Get Noticed By Black Greek Lettered Organizations

Do you want to have a brotherhood bonded together in a bond of love? “Divine 9” organizations on the yard at Historically Black Colleges...

5 Ways To Ace The Transition From College Grad To First Job

It can be tough for any college grad to figure out how to find their way when they start their first job, but it can be...

A Letter To The Freshmen: Dear Class Of 2023

Dear Class Of 2023, Congratulations! You made it. After all the adversities you may have faced; bullying, “roasting”, and for some of you, racists teachers and administrators who mentally drained you every day, you made...

Passing the Torch: 2019 HBCU Grads Offer Advice to Class of 2023

New city, new school, new friends, new life, new start.  Crossing the social, emotional and academic bridge from high school to college can be daunting,...

How To Get Your Credit In Order

There are so many things that school didn’t teach us, credit being one of them. Ironically, it is one of the single most important...

Why I’m Grateful For My Fraternity

Have you ever pondered to yourself and thought: ”Which fraternity or sorority should I join”? Or have you ever compared yourself to someone else...

When Entrepreneurial Success Catches You By Surprise – What’s Next?

It was just four years ago that I started my social media management business on a whim. I had no idea if it would work, but...

5 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Do you envy other entrepreneurs who attract media attention for their companies? Do you see other business successes and silently wonder why they’re doing...

Watching ‘When They See Us’ Is An Act Of Social Justice

Apparently, no one was ready for Ava DuVernay’s recent series, When They See Us. Across social media, discourse about the movie ranges from whether or...
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Why People Of A Diversity Should Experience Attending Auto Races With Their Families

William Jackson and Aida Correa are attending multiple community events sponsored by Ford Motor Company and the Southern Ford Dealers across Florida.

What A Cliche!: The 5 Most Overused Resume Phrases

Just because something sounds good, doesn’t mean you should put it on your resume. A million other people probably have used the same phrase...

Changing The Game Of Financial Literacy For African-American Kids

Goalsetter is a new financial literacy platform for kids. The platform lets the whole family get in on the savings action. Family members can...