1. Go to class.

This may seem like a no brainer, but it is still important that you go to class every day for obvious reasons. 1. Why did you decide to enroll in college — to earn your degree, right? Then go to class. It is as simple as that. 2. Attendance, which counts for at least 10 percent of your grade, is an easy way to make sure you have good grades during your matriculation in college. Make it easier on yourself by going to class on time, if not earlier.

2. Do not listen to everyone else’s experiences.

Create your own. For example, I remember when I decided to attend Central State University — my friend’s mother warned me that CSU was not a “good” school and told me that I should go elsewhere. However, going to Central State is one of the best decisions that I ever made and I am so glad I went to CSU. The same can be said about pledging a “Divine 9” organization and rumors of a conspiracy. That is to say, create your own experiences at college, not listen to the bad things you may have heard about college life or your HBCU.

3. Keep being the best you, which is truer than true.

You are individual and unique. And do not you forget it. No matter what people say, your are the number 1. like Lil Kim raps in No Matter What They Say. Just try to be you doing what you have to do, not trying to be something you are not. Be a self-starter and always forward, never backward.

4. Have fun.

Make sure that you enjoy your time spent in college because they say that the four years you spend in college are the best four years of your life. Be active on the yard, which goes to my 5th advice below.

5. Be more involved on and off the yard.

Get involved! There are plenty of organizations on the yard that you can lend your services to. Being more involved in campus organizations help mold you into the man or woman that you want to be life. Here are two reasons why you should join an organization on the yard:

  • It looks good on your resume. Employers want to know what makes you stand out from others, and being president of a “Divine 9” organization looks good on paper.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals. This is a game-changer. By joining an organization on the yard you get hands-on experience while bonding with other students who can help you with your success in life.


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