McLyte_0043-13Philanthropist, rapper and hip-hop pioneer, MC Lyte, has taken her community involvement to new heights, as she now sits on the board of trustees for Dillard University.

The “Lyte as a Rock” emcee, had a pretty heavy agenda when she set out to work with an HBCU to promote the benefits of attending a majority African American institution and the importance of receiving a college education.

Through her Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, Lyte had previously provided college scholarships to four young women, and this time around, sought to take on a different mission, encouraging black men to pursue their education through the organizations signature initiative, “Educate Our Men,” (#EducateOurMen) born within Dillard.

“More than just a necessity, given the percentages of men to women at Dillard, immediately we just thought how can we raise the awareness of the education to be had at an HBCU which is like none other,” said Lyte.

According to Dr. Walter Kimbrough, President of Dillard University, what began a simple meeting of the minds turned into a full fledged opportunity for Lyte to leverage her renowned platform, and implement change on Dillard’s campus.

Dr. Kimbrough passionately shares how he and Lyte’s partnership began. Read Full via Black Enterprise


  1. This is a positive relationship having a recording artist on the board at Dillard. She can help raise money and the profile of HBCU’s. She is a philanthropist and an honorary member of Sigma Gamm Rho. All good things to help the HBCU community.

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