There are surely some devoted Drake fans out there who’ve turned their cars, homes, offices, etc. into personal Drake-only radio stations, blaring cuts from each of his album and mixtapes (and nothing else) deep into the evening hours. And then there’s “Drake 92.7” — a real radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina that’s been broadcasting Drake songs exclusively since Friday (August 14).

“Request your favorite Drake joint right now!” an on-air promo stated earlier, giving a phone number to call for requests: 704-548-7863. In the past hour, they’ve hit “Headlines,” “0 To 100” and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” (which features Drizzy) and plenty of others because, like we said, it’s literally non-stop Drake. (You can tune in here.)

But why? As The Fader points out, the station only has an Instagram account and the above phone number for reference points. Apparently there’s going to be a “special announcement” on Monday as well — but in the meantime, listeners have developed their own theories. read more