Alabama State University alum Lil Yachty channels fellow HBCU alum, Oprah Winfrey in a hilarious new video featuring Drake and DaBaby.

“Oprah’s Bank Account” stars Yachty as a convincing Oprah while he brings on Drake and DaBaby to discuss their lives as mainstream rap artists in today’s growing Hip-Hop scene.

The track is scheduled to appear in the black college alum’s anticipated album “Lil Boat 3” and will drop later this spring.

From Highsnobiety:

“Oprah’s Bank Account” was written by Lil Yachty and produced by EarlOnTheBeat, while the video was directed by Director X. Yachty also came up with the concept and penned the skits for the hilarious clip, which was filmed in both Toronto and Atlanta.

In the video we see Drake welcomed as a special guest on Lil Yachty’s The Boprah Show, where Yachty channels his inner Oprah, complete with a wig and high heels. Drake and Boprah delve into his “LSC,” or light-skinned capability, before discussing the new generation of rappers. He cheekily reveals that he “loves all the little ditties, all the little jingles that the kids are doing,” and praises Lil Yachty for being at “the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about.”

Elsewhere in the visual, collaborator DaBaby appears to explain the art of making an album sound like one complete song. “Make every damn song like an ongoing song – you never have to make another song again,” he insists.

You can watch the entire video below.