You may recognize her from the big screen, music videos, or as the two-time captain of the Alabama State University Stingettes danceline. Asia Martin is dancing her way onto the scene with her uniquely raw and classy talent. We sat down to get the Buzz.

Asia, affectionately named “Slaysia” from supporters is a 20-year-old Senior, Fine Arts major studying at Alabama State University. She slays. Asia is captain of her historically black college and university’s (HBCU) for the second year and she is entering her fourth season, having made the danceline as a freshman.

Being a freshman Stingette was not what I expected. It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time management. You do not get to go out and party. Our [stingette] life is school, practice, and sleep. It is about dedication. If you want to be a part of the team, you have to love it.

As captain of her line, Martin is the lead and is often thrust into the spotlight. We asked Martin what it is like being a “student celeb”.

It’s not a typical HBCU experience but it’s a valuable one. My experience as captain has taught me a lot about myself, the things I can and won’t tolerate. I was definitely brought as my shell. My HBCU experience has been enhanced, being a part of the dance team. Often in the spotlight dancing, a lot of people get to know your face. It is great networking and traveling to other football games is always fun.

When was Slaysia born ? Who is she?

Slaysia is my alter ego. I really have to be conscious of the fact that although people have created an alter ego for me, I know Asia, and I have to stay true to myself. Sometimes I have to step away and find my center and that is okay. This is very important to me. I stay grounded and being humble is essential.

During her reign as captain, the Alabama State Stingettes starred on reality television show “BAMA STATE Style”. The show had 5 episodes and filmed constantly throughout the season. We asked Martin to share her experiences.

It was cool to have our season documented. That experience was totally new for me. I was mic’d up and I dealt with managing real life and being a part of a public storyline.

Tell us a secret.

I’m not as open as much as it may seem when I’m on the field.

Whats next ?

The most exciting thing for me right now is graduating. I am looking forward to my last season. I am not nervous or scared, I am taking things day-by-day. I know I am capable, I am comfortable, but I understand I want to progress.

Asia is looking forward to graduating next December. As she enters her final Stingette’s season, her resume outside of school is quickly forming. Martin can be seen onscreen in movie Drumline: A New Beat as captain of the A&T (home team) danceline. She can also be seen in OMG girlz, Zonnique Pullins’ latest music video featuring Young Thug, Nun for Free.

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It’s exciting, mostly I was just grateful. It was 2 days filled with a lot of emotion. This was my second time being on a major set and I would love to do more of these types of gigs. Slaysia will be making reappearances.

What is your dream job?

I would love to be on tour for Beyonce’. I want to be a commercial dancer, from music videos, to movies, to modeling, I just want to perform.

Under her reign as captain the ASU Stingettes have seen several accomplishments.

  • HBCU Dance Competition 2015 Winners
  • HBCU Buzz #3 -Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines
  • HBCU: Best In stand Dance 2014-2015
  • HBCU: Best Uniforms 2014-2015
  • Best HBCU Captain 2014-2015

To keep up with Asia Martin, follow her on Instagram @inallhergloryy. Be sure to checkout her fanpage, @slaysiamartin.