A Morehouse student has provided us the best resume building tips, but in an interesting way.

Chris Sumlin, a student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, uploaded a resume help video on YouTube just a few weeks ago that helps his colleagues, and anyone else watching, with writing the perfect resume using Beyoncé lyrics.

Sumlin said, “The video is my first real YouTube video that I’ve shot.”

In the video, Sumlin said, “Make sure that your resume makes sense. If you read it to yourself, or have a friend read it and they can’t understand it, nine times out of ten the employer is not going to understand it.”

He added: “A lot of times people think that they can keep one resume and use that for all of their applications… Make sure that your resume is always changing—adding different things, taking stuff away, and is a continual work in progress.”

See the entire video below: