DanceLines2016It is common knowledge that sporting events at historically black colleges and universities are not popular for sports, alone. Yes, the athletes do draw large crowds, but they do not do it alone! There are tons of elements to enjoy from the fun and inviting mascot, the glamorous campus royalty, and the catchy tunes of the band. The most lively element of the HBCU sports world is not on the field, it is in the stands, within the powerhouses known as marching bands— the ladies of the dance lines.

These small groups of ladies that often form into sisterhoods, captivate the crowd one move at a time. Dance lines are responsible for the eye-catching, rump-shaking, soul-stirring moves that get you out of your seat, and up, dancing to the music. Who cares if it’s cold? They don’t. Ladies in the dance line serve fierceness and flavor on a platter if it is 75 degrees, or 7.5 degrees.

View the Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines in 2015 

To make the dance line is a privilege, as tons of young women audition for a spot in the stands. Only a select few actually have what it takes, sticking it out through band camp and often managing 2 practices daily, while maintaining academic competitiveness. It is not easy, but when done right, fluidity and ease of motion is all you see. Which squad deliverS without fail, every game, and is far greater than any dance line you have ever laid your eyes on ? Only one can reign supreme. Considering costume, captain, squad, technique, and consistency. See this years Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines.



Jackson State University – Prancing J-Settes 19%


For the second year in a row, Jackson State University’s Prancing J-Settes claim the top spot. With nearly a fifth of the votes submitted, the Prancing J-Settes are the 2016 Best HBCU Dance Line. In last year’s competition, with nearly 40,000 votes, the J-Settes earned 17% of the poll. These ladies pranced to the lead with 19% of all votes. Dating back to 1971, the J-Settes are known for their unique style of dance. In its early days, beingg led by majorette Shirley Middleton, this auxiliary dance team was trained to reach perfection in every prance.

With a band that is known nationwide, performing for the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, and Detroit Lions, it comes as no surprise that its leading ladies reign supreme as the thrill of a million eyes.



    • The lovely, beautiful, and sensational Stingettes are the hit squad right now brother. The Divas can continue to work hard but the Stingettes are just too hot!

  1. Black Foxes and Ebony Fire over Alcorn State Golden Girls and TxSU Motions??? okay then. Agreed on the Stingettes, Dolls, and J-Settes, though.

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