Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines 2015

TOP 5 HBCU Dance Lines

Glance at a football game held at a historically black college or university (HBCU) and you will have a tough time just focusing on the football players. The rhythm and excitement of the HBCU football game experience is found in the stands with the marching band. The loud boom of the drums, the pronounced sound of the percussion section and the catchy chants could only use one addition, and it is ever-present. We are referring to the vivacious, delightful, soul-spirited, and electrifying ladies of the Dance Lines.

The truth is, marching bands aren’t complete without them. For close to a century, the lines have taken marching band entertainment to the next level. Dance lines are visual expressions of each and every note heard from the band. As the ladies move and twerk, they motivate the entire crowd to celebrate the music. The ladies of dance lines cheer the crowd on without ever opening their mouth and their dances are often recycled into campus-wide traditions. From the captain to the rookie freshman, if she’s on the line, her moves are solid. Though they never go unnoticed, they rarely compete. We aren’t talking about at the Battle of the Bands or regional marching band battles, we are talking about a competition amongst the ladies… Dance Line to Dance Line. So we ask you, who do you think does it best?Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines/Teams coming soon.

THE PRANCING J-SETTES – Jackson State University

Jackson State University should be very proud. With over 17% of nearly 40k votes, the J-Settes sashay their way to being the Best HBCU Dance Line for the 2014-2015 school year. The line even received honorable mention from hit television show, Dancing Doll for Life (DD4L), for originating the ‘J-Sette’ style of dance. The Jackson State University Band program began in 1971 and since this time,has raised the bar in the marching band arena. The band has several achievements including halftime performances for the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, and Detroit Lions.

EBONY FIRE – Hampton University

The flaming, blue ladies of Ebony Fire earned second place in the Top 5 HBCU Dance Line Competition. Hailing from their home by the sea, the Hampton University ladies earned over 5.3k votes, nearly 14% of the entire poll. The royal blue line of ladies has even brought its class and heat to Washington, DC when they danced in the Inaugural Parade for President Obama.

STINGETTES – Alabama State University

Buzzing in for third place are the beautiful and sensational ladies of ASU. The Alabama State Stingettes won more than 4k votes, nearly 11% of the voting poll. The Stingettes are known for their sideline action and are rumored to be the best thing in black and gold. Honorable mention goes to its sister organization, The Honey Bees. The Alabama State University Band, Mighty Marching Hornets also won third place in the TOP 5 HBCU Bands Competition earlier this year.

GOLDEN GIRLS – University Arkansas at Pine Bluff

The next of the best HBCU Dance Lines,  with almost 3k votes, are the ladies that are just “as sweet and sexy as can be”. The Golden Girls of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) not only shine on the field, they shine in the community, with its mini Golden Girls support system.

HOT ICE DANCERS – Norfolk State University

The last line of ladies in the TOP 5 HBCU Dance Line is the Hot Ice Dancers from Norfolk State University. The ladies pride themselves on being a classy sisterhood and are known to be smooth, sexy and precise.  “The Class of the MEAC”, the squad has a unique style and flare.



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