If you are like most freshman students your time is split between being impulsive, embracing new found freedom, exploring a new city, spending a refund check, or other carefee joys that can be the foundation to the best college memories.

Caution: do not to be too carefree or too impulsive. Nine times out of ten, carelessness and impulsiveness are the driving factors on the road to a bad reputation. Remember that branding is everything and first impressions are lasting ones. Image is not everything and we should not be judged by our image, but the fact of the matter is ..we are! Do yourself a favor and beware of these easy mistakes that tarnish can your image:

7Open legs close doors

Do you want to be the sexual fantasy of every guy on campus? Would you appreciate being the girl that every guy talks about because they have “hooked up” with you? If so, read no more. If this is not you, and you would like to maintain a reputation of being wholesome, listen up. There is one easy rule when managing the opposite sex: don’t do it unless you couldn’t care less if the entire campus knows. News spreads like wildfire on campus. Word of mouth is the first and most rapid form of communication on campus. Never forget this.

Guys will “sweet talk” you and make you feel special. You are sweet. You are special. You do not need a man(who is really just a boy) to reinforce these truths. For some of us, we excite at the thought of college because it is the place our parents met and we are ready to write another chapter in our love story. Proceed with extreme caution.

Know that as young, testosterone-driven males on campus who are away from home – many for the first time – a love story is the last thing on their brains. The sad truth is things like 1-getting a high “body-count”, 2-having a cool (probably exaggerated) story to brag to his boys, and 3-simply having sex with you for the heck of it, probably matter a lot more in their mind.

Don’t waste your time worrying about love your freshman year. Worry about loving yourself, starting your studies off strong, and making great memories that won’t damage your personal brand. You don’t want to be at your class reunion 20 years later with a husband and children still being known as the girl that every guy has seen naked… Guys talk just as much as women.

Don’t make the mistake of giving yourself away to those that do not deserve it.