The board of curators at HBCU Lincoln University in Jefferson has decided to deactivate the university’s history program for three years, and faculty are speaking out against the move.

The decision by the board to cut the program is a “dreadful thing we’re headed toward” and an “irrevocable change,” according to president of Lincoln’s Faculty Senate and chair of the joint department of English, foreign languages and journalism Bryan Salmons. “We all feel like this is an ominous, dreadful thing we’re headed toward—the kind of irrevocable change that will prove destructive to the kind of institution we’re supposed to be.”

The Root reported that the decision by the board to cut the program was against the recommendation of a faculty committee. “Every supporting rationale that’s been provided and almost every reason that’s been stated is palpably false,” Salmons added.

In a news release announcing the decision to move forward without the program, school officials said that the “curriculum changes come after a through review of 11 of the university’s degree programs” and “the decision was made based on recommendations of a committee.”

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But that’s false, Salmons said.

Students will not be able to declare history as a major, but courses in history will still be offered as general education requirements in addition to having faculty teach the courses, according to The Root.

University spokesperson Misty Young said in a statement that “When possible, attempts will be made to retool faculty.”

Lincoln University was founded in 1866 to educate freed slaves.

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