Perhaps we spoke too soon.

We recently covered the news of ex-Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault and her new gig as director of African-American outreach for the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

More on the Buzz: A Former Miss CSU, Omarosa, Named Head Of Black Outreach For Trump Campaign

“We can only imagine what other black celebrities might think about this news, or how she even plans to win a virtually losing game.”

Well, one black celeb is not happy at all with Omarosa’s latest move. In fact, “You’re fired,” Spike Lee would say to Omarosa.

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The Morehouse man recently took to his Instagram page to blast fellow HBCU alum Omarosa (Central State University), saying he is now “looking at her sideways” and said she will be giving “out free Popeye’s chicken with sides to deliver the black vote to Trump.”

“She’s never been a nice person, so not surprised,” one Instagram user commented on his post.

Welp. We hate to say we told you so, but, yeah…

Check out what he said on Instagram below.