Probably everything you can imagine exists on the internet.

Whether you’re in search of the best Asia Martin dance videos or looking for beautiful teachers to make your new Woman Crush Wednesday, it’s all here. Especially the part about beautiful teachers!

Apparently the internet has found our next Woman Crush Wednesday, and she teaches the fourth grade. Patrice “Tricey” Brown isn’t just any teacher. In fact, she is the sexiest teacher alive.


“An Atlanta elementary school teacher is blowing up on social media for her good looks and bangin’ body.

The teacher, whose real name is Patrice “Tricey” Brown, is a graduate from Alabama State University and teaches the fourth grade. She goes by “Paris Monroe” on Instagram and is being dubbed as the “sexiest teacher alive.”

Several rappers and celebrities have followed Ms. Brown’s IG page, which is currently sitting at around 35,000 followers (which isn’t bad at all for a teacher).

Brown’s page has also been showered with numerous compliments and dating offers by men, who wish she was their teacher when they were in the fourth grade.

“where were u when I was in 4th grade lol … all A’s on my report card lol would of been looking forward to go to school even on weekends,” one commenter wrote on IG.”

According to her Instagram, Ms. Brown is a graduate of HBCU Alabama State University. Now she’s dubbed the “sexiest teacher in America.”

3. ASU

So if you’re still looking for your next Woman Crush Wednesday, you can thank the internet for finding Ms. Brown!