The internet hasn’t gone as crazy as one would suspect after seeing footage of up and coming rapper Famous Dex physically abusing his girlfriend, and from the looks of it, neither has Virginia State University.

While media outlets are releasing the clip left and right, social media seems to be at a very minimal tug of war with the act. Some showing unconditional support of the rapper’s career, and others commenting in disdain and disgust.

The forty second clip shows Famous Dex following his girlfriend into what looks to be a hotel hallway, constantly hitting his girlfriend. The rapper even goes as far as to continue punching her even after she hits the ground, leaves and doubles back to continue the blows in the clip.

His reasoning behind the violent? She cheated. In a series of tweets he “apologizes” and explains.

With VSU’s homecoming less than a month away, Outside of Football and other campus events, their concert roster boasts some of Hip Hop’s newest sensations. G Herbo, Lil Durk, Shy Glizzy, Trap Beckham, of course Famous Dex. There’s been no statement made on whether Virginia State will keep him as an act for the homecoming concert, currently the University will still follow suit with their initial line up.

cspi1xmwgaadfyu Home to 4,000 plus students, Homecoming is a chance for students and alumni to engage and interact with each other on a larger social scale than normal. It’s an opportunity to exhibit ultimate school pride and in the end have fun. If not taken off of the show, what does that say to those who choose to attend?

Domestic violence is a real issue, and to no surprise it happens everywhere imaginable, yes, even college campuses. Every university is required to have programs and therapy options in place for their students who suffer from and cope with and array of traumatic events, domestic violence is without a shadow of a doubt, is included in that list. Virginia State, just like any other university, is supposed to be a safe and enjoyable space for those students as well. It’s almost absurd to think that after offering those students help to cope with their suffering, that University officials would then condone a performance by famous Dex who has participated in inflicting that suffering on someone else.

So if VSU does not remove Famous Dex, that leaves only two choices for those students, Go to the homecoming concert and deal with a possible trigger to the domestic trauma they’ve faced, or opt out and be denied a privilege they have as a paying attendee of the University.

Not only is this a possible trigger for victims, but it sets a poor example to the still young and impressionable student body. Bringing outside talent to the University should be handled with checks and balances. Any celebrity, speaker, actor, or otherwise, should not be able to step foot on an institution’s grounds, unless their lifestyle can align to that institution’s core morals and values, domestic violence should never be allotted a hall pass.

To stand behind an artist with a very fresh domestic dispute sitting over his head could easily be seen as distasteful and morally wrong. Abuse of any kind is unwarranted, and should never be upheld, whether it be with direct commentary, or indirect permission. Example? Letting Famous Dex grace the Virginia State University homecoming stage.