This is not your average lawyer, and he shouldn’t be taken for granted.

J. Wyndal Gordon, the attorney representing the Gaines Family and the late Korryn Gaines who was gunned down during an hours-long standoff on August 1. in her home by Baltimore Police Officer 1st Class Ruby, walked into a hearing held today in Towson, MD to not only seek justice for the Gaines family and to hold all those responsible for Korryn’s death but also to make a statement, through his choice of attire.

In the midst of today’s peaceful protesting, the trial attorney wore Colin Kaepernick’s, now populated jersey, under a simple suit jacket as an action of showing support for the pro footballer who recently has been fire for his protest against the National Anthem. So far, no criminal charges have been filed against the officer who fired the fatal shot killing Korryn and injuring her son who was also shot that night.

Since the shooting, State Attorney Scott Shellenberger, has justified the incident saying “no further action will be taken” and citing that Officer 1st Class Ruby feared for his safety. The Gaines family, however, has since filed a lawsuit against Ruby and the city of Baltimore.

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