Fall semester is always my favorite semester of the year. The weather is cool; I’m reunited with my friends after a long, productive summer, and I get a fresh start to a new school year. All of these aspects of the fall semester are incredible but one event that I look forward to most of any event in the semester is Spelhouse Homecoming. Homecoming is the one time a year where I truly understand what it means to attend an HBCU.

Alumni from all over the country come to celebrate their college years and update their classmates on what is going on.During Homecoming I’m reunited with alum that was seniors when I was a freshman. I get to learn about what my professors were like as students. As a Morehouse student, it is inspiring seeing all the Morehouse men talk about their glory days and how they inquire about what my plans are. For me, that innate bond that I have with Morehouse men make homecoming extra special.

Honestly, there are many parts of Homecoming that make it special but here are the five things I’m looking forward to most at this year’s Spelhouse homecoming below.


5. The Spelhouse Homecoming Fashion Show

Every year in the AUC around the last week of September I begin to see flyers around campus about a model call. Every so often I will see a group of good looking men and women all dressed in t-shirts and jeans walking in a straight line. All of the practice and preliminaries seem strenuous until you see the final product that is the Spelhouse Homecoming Fashion Show.

During this fashion show, I get to see my colleagues and peers express themselves in a way that I don’t get to see on campus regularly. Everyone has on exotic costumes, makeup, and hair, all of which are created by students. The Fashion show is a production that showcases pure creativity and artistic expression of students.

It is one of my favorite parts of Homecoming.