BLUEPRINT: Howard University Homecoming Week is underway.

With high expectations already established for Howard University’s homecoming entitled “BLUEPRINT,” the most anticipated week has made landfall with the Homecoming Pep Rally with hosts Malachi Dozier (Mic Man Mal) and Michele Henix featuring special guest Shy Glizzy.

The ambiance was filled with excitement and enthusiasm, thanks to Howard’s “Showtime” marching band, cheerleaders, Bisonettes, Ooh La La dancers and sounds by 93.9 WKYS, WHBC, and 2016’s Top HBCU DJs member DJ Swerve.

Sound complications were apparent throughout the event causing inaudibility from Dozier, Henix and Glizzy. This generated discontent from students.

Howard University sophomore Sydney Pollock tweeted:

“I’m honestly just hurt about Glizzy’s microphone. I rock with Glizzy heavy and he was trying to turn up, but I couldn’t hear him.”

Later, students reflected on past homecomings and were able to explain why and why not as the initial kickoff for homecoming, the pep rally sets the tone for the entire week.

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Howard University students pictured. Image credit: The Root

Howard senior Jalen Douglas recounted her previous homecomings and claims the pep rally does not set the tone:

“The pep rally might affect underclassmen just because they have not experienced a real homecoming. You cannot rely solely on Howard to provide you with a lit homecoming. Add your twist, make your own fun, make your own homecoming.”

Sabre Harvey, a Howard sophomore, disagrees:

“Whether or not the pep rally was deemed as fun or not, Howard will always be lit at whatever we do, but I do think that the pep rally sets the tone for the rest of the week.”

The event ended with the habitual Swag Surf with a surprise. The founders of the dance craze, Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.) joined with students as the event concluded.

Whether or not the initial kick-off event for BLUEPRINT shredded a light on what is to come, Howard’s 93rd annual homecoming remains a week to look forward to.