morgan-beatty2Morgan Beatty wants to make women empowerment as millennial friendly and accessible as possible. The South Carolina State University Alum is getting her hands dirty and building the technological space to do so.

Beatty, initially starting out with her own creative consulting firm in undergrad, Moxii By Morgan, She knew that over all, she wanted to help people. Moxii By Morgan aims to help people tap into their creative goals and visions, while building marketing strategies and plans for their businesses and brands. On the fast track to continue building her repertoire in Marketing, in 2015 after graduation, Beatty took her marketing degree and Moxii along with her to New York for an internship. After the three month opportunity was up she decided to stay in the big apple and “try something completely new.”

“A lot of people saw me as being a rebel when I did that. Essentially people were like ‘oh you have a marketing degree, you’re super well-polished for society in the corporate world.” But that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to get to a place where I could make my platform bigger than myself.’ ” Taking all of her new dreams and desires, and her rebel with a cause mission, she created Rebelleous.

Re”belle”ous, a spin to the word Rebellious, incorporates everything Morgan knew she wanted to encase in her brand, Women and revolutionary defiance; breaking the mold. Each user referred to as “Rebelle” Morgan states the purpose being, “Rebelle came from trying to increase the femininity of about it [Rebel]…It really hit the nail on the head when I thought of it.”

Hoping to inspire and motivate women from all walks of life to chase their dreams the way she is, Morgan decided to enter the world of phone applications “There’s a lot of other women out here, who have these big ideas and people are telling them they can’t do it, or that’s crazy for thinking it; and I wanted to make a space to encourage them to keep doing it.”

Each Rebelle gets an app directed totally to the wellbeing a self-care needed to navigate through everyday life. Her dreams to do something out of the box, and the beauty and spirit that women carry. An interactive and user friendly app, Rebelleous offers content on love, travel, inspiration health and wellness, entertainment, and breaking news.

A new face to the world of phone applications, with the goal to empower women in the new age of rapid media consumption and instant gratification, Morgan, with the exception of coding the actual app, did all of the developing herself. Taking a total of 6 months to produce, from idea to launch, she researched and formed her plan with little to no help. Beatty states, apprehension made her hesitate on releasing the app.

“It took me a minute to launch it because I was nervous. I knew the potential of Rebelleous, and I was afraid. That was a project that I knew could be bigger than me. I knew the platform of what people needed, and because I knew  it was what women needed, especially women of color needed really badly, and it was needed in our community; I was afraid. I was like, you know I’m taking a big risk here, it could either go up or south.”

Praying on it, Beatty states “He [God] was just like ‘what are you waiting for, you know? If it’s in you, I’ve given to you, let it go.’ ”

Two months post app launch, Morgan is proud of the success the app has had thus far. Even fostering a virtual forum space, Rebelle Talk, Users can meet other women and share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and healthy place.

Morgan still running her consulting firm, scaled back on clients to pursue Rebelleous head on with 100 percent effort.

Rebelleous, in the works of beginning community involvement, plans to work with nonprofit organizations, to bring encouragement of women to the forefront. “We’re trying to make Rebelleous a full blown brand.”

Beatty describes the Rebellous experience as an encouraging space, that’s “fun, free, and safe” for those who use it.

The app is available on Apple and Android.