Why isn’t there a name for when posting on social media goes wrong? Countless times social media users publish insensitive content that later becomes a trending topic.

According to Fusion.com, a Snapchat selfie surfaced Thursday of a Prairie View A&M University student, identified as Brooke Merino, appearing to wear a black sheet mask with the caption:

“When you just tryna fit in at my HBCU.”


PVPanthers.com, the PVAMU athletics website, confirmed that Brooke Merino is a Goal Keeper on the Women’s Soccer team. African American students that attend historically black colleges, specifically PVAMU, took offense to the Snapchat selfie considering the present social issues surrounding racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. To make matters worse, Merino attends one of the most prestigious HBCUs in Texas as Prairie View A&M, has an 85% African American population and 3% Caucasian population. The university has since confirmed that she is a student, and the case is now under investigation.

Merino deleted her twitter account just days after she posted the offensive selfie, but students are still speaking out on twitter about their frustration and anger toward the post.