Howard University senior film students K. Giselle Johnson, Raeshon Morris, Brandy Bruce and Megan Cutchins have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production, post production and distribution of their first feature film Twisted Affinity.

Launched October 9, the Speed and Spark Campaign aims to raise $50,000 by encouraging 1,000 supporters to donate $50 each. The 1,000 for 50 approach promises a production goal of Winter 2017. 

Currently, the feature film has about 8 percent. But word about the film is quickly spreading as Johnson, Morris, Bruce and Cutchins are history in the making as they embark upon Twisted Affinity.

According to a press release, donors are able to receive “IMDb credits as a contributor, free tickets to screenings, a chance to be on set, an interactive production book, and free #TwistedAF paraphernalia.” 

Twisted Affinity tells the story of four college seniors during winter break at a Virginia lake house whose vacation quickly turns into an array of secret affairs, estranged feelings and ulterior career motives placing their friendship in jeopardy.

Cover photo for Howard students’ feature film Twisted Affinity.

Director, Raeshon Morris, elaborates on the feature film:

“[Twisted Affinity] is a film that in all of its chaos is surprisingly simple. It has a theme that is so universal: fear. It is about what are you or aren’t you willing to let go of in order to achieve happiness…it is a manifestation of our complacency, our regret, our betrayal, and our pain jumbled up in a alluring package.”

Unlike the film, the journey towards producing the film is all but simple. This is the first time any Howard undergraduate student has embarked on creating a feature film for their senior thesis.

Since Twisted Affinity is the senior thesis for all four students, graduating on time in May 2017 is a great risk if the film is not completed. If 80 percent of their $50,000 is not raised by November 16, all money raised will be lost.

Although the stakes are high with graduation on the line, producer Giselle Johnson is determined to continue moving forward:

“This is our senior thesis project so it goes beyond something “fun”. At the end of the day, we’re getting graded on this. We fought with our professor to approve the endeavor. Now, we have to prove to not only our school but ourselves that we made the right decision.”

Twisted Affinity has 12 days left to reach at least $40,000 before repercussions are to be discovered.

To help achieve their goal of $50,000 and reduce the risk of a late graduation, donate to Howard’s first feature film.