Rashaan Everett, a graduate of Howard’s School of Business, developed a passion for progressing wealth equality after spending time on Wall Street and seeing first hand how systematic greed was unfair to black families.

The disadvantage black people experience financially contributes to the lack new of black startups, which only compounds the problem. After the election, it’s obvious that moral pressure alone isn’t enough for black people to earn political progress. Everett believes that in order to be successful, there has to be more of a focus on economic progress and using our black dollars as leverage to achieve our goals.

Everett also believes that we must redirect a greater portion of our $1.2 billion aggregate annual income back to ourselves via our own businesses, and we must develop a culture of wealth retention, and a culture of collective economic empowerment among our people, regardless of where we reside. 

We create enormous wealth for others at the expense of creating and retaining wealth for ourselves,” Everett said. “Why can’t more of us see that economics is the key to our freedom and the answer to the problems we talk about all the time? Change has to come.”

The Greenwood project is designed to build more black startups, led by a new generation of conscious Black millionaires.  

Obama’s JOBS act allows Black families to profit personally directly from Black startups, encouraging a powerful commitment to supporting Black business’ funded with their own money. This project invests in the best and most innovative black entrepreneurs and gives the investors huge profits in return.

“Think GoFundMe, but instead of just a donation, you’re able to purchase valuable stock for as little as $50,” Everett said. 

Visit here for more information on how you can get involved in this amazing project. For any additional information head over to thegreenwoodproject.org.