Student Creates App That Identifies Which HBCU You Should Attend

Photo credit: Instagram
A Grambling State University student has created an app that helps students identify historically black colleges that could be a good match for them.

The app keeps a database of several HBCUs across the country, providing detailed information people look for when trying to find the right HBCU match. A “Report card” is also included in the app for each school that lists academics, costs, and the overall ranking of HBCU’s on a scale from A to F.

“It’s a lot easier to get information on a PWI,” said the inventor, Jonathan Swindell, to Southern Digest. “They’re a lot bigger and have a lot more resources behind them, whereas, at an HBCU, the information can be a bit scattered, so I saw a pain point within our community and HBCU HUB serves to fix that.”

“We offer a free service called HUB Packs where the user is asked to answer questions such as, are you ‘High School Faculty, High School Student, Transfer Student, Graduate Student’, from there we make the transition easy by sending the information they need to apply for said HBCU of interest,” said Swindell while explaining who can use the app.

Additionally, the app provides information on scholarships, allows users to participate in an online chat community, helps students get tips for resumes and job interviews, and much more.

Since it’s release, the HBCU HUB App has more than one-thousand downloads and is being used in more than 32 states and five countries.

HBCU HUB is available on both Android and Apple devices for free.